Front SPLITTER for Tesla Model 3

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Air stacks up in the front area of the car. A well designed splitter helps more of the high
pressure air move over the car, and generates low pressure area under it.
This generates a channel for low pressure fast moving air along all the underbody, well
prepared for the rear diffuser to induce the reunion with the air moved above the

This reduces DRAG by 3,3%
This reduces LIFT by 9,5% for MORE MANEUVERABILITY

On-demand handcrafted product: ships from late February 2024

Choose your carbon fibers

EAGLE pattern: a pleasing and regular checkerboard of 2cm span

Our top of the line version, EAGLE, is a has an uniquely aesthetic pattern, a checkerboard formed by 2cm squares. We use this material on Furmula 1 and MotoGp wings and structural parts: it grants a very lightweight final product since it need less reinforcements layers in the lamination process.

Classic twill pattern: carbon fibers are threaded in an interlocked pattern of 2 up 1 down

Our CLASSIC version uses a twill pattern. This is recognizable as it's mostly seen as the "real carbon fiber". It needs some reinforcement layers but our lamination process is can leverage years of experience with this material.

vokan carbon fibers pattern, many chunks of fibers are casually aligned on the raw material

The Volkan version has its unique pattern, for real: the raw material production process generates each time a pattern that will be different from every other. Its made by chunks of fibers truncated and pressed togheter with epoxy by a machine.
This material needs a bit more reinforcement, but its style will stand out.